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Business Funding - Advice for George Osborne

As the economy moves up a gear Chancellor George Osborne is keen to ensure that business picks up relevant funding for growth and development. He has also spoken at great length, many times, about the need to free business from red tape. He is not, perhaps, aware of how linked these two aims are.

I have been talking to several companies recently that were contemplating applying for funds to support research and development and growth. The problem arises when it comes to reams of paperwork associated with the application process. For a small business this is a major cost and distraction. The options: to take time out of the business and concentrate on the application for funds, or to employ an accountant, at professional rates. Both are self-defeating.

George, your intention is not in doubt. There is certainly a need for due diligence before release of public funds to business, but there is a need to keep this process as simple, speedy, straightforward and understandable as possible if we are to get take-up at the rate needed for economic take-off.

At HFZ we are here to help. We understand the funding process and paper chase involved. We can take on most of the burden and let you get on with business.

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Posted on: 24/01/2014 3:05pm

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