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ISO11000 Collaborative Working: A Huge Opportunity for SME’s

There is a false belief that ISO11000 is only for the big boys – it’s not. True, in fields like rail engineering and aerospace the prime manufacturers are leading the pack. But it is important for second tier manufacturers to get on board now to profit from these partnerships.

Collaborative working means that the supplier becomes an integral part of the prime manufacturer’s programme. Roles and responsibilities are more clearly defined. There is an obligation to communicate and share information more freely and spread some of the costs, risks and resources required.

This is an incredible opportunity for SME’s to lock into majors’ supply chains, to become insiders, true partners and secure long term gains for their businesses. Call me if you want to build collaborative working into you plans. It’s not as difficult as you may think and the potential rewards, relative to the effort are off the scale.

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Posted on: 13/01/2014 12:06pm

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