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K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

I do not consider myself as being a wordsmith but I do have a good command of the English language. I recently undertook to assist a friend in doing an assessment for a course that he is doing and he was struggling with what was required to complete it. I am not surprised it was not precise and full of unrelated and unnecessary words. In my time I have read many commercial contracts as well as difficult terms and conditions but considering this is supposed to be an educational body and the majority of their students are already holding down a full time job and family commitments you would think they would make it easier to understand. I do know that he was not the only one to struggle with the comprehension of the aim in his group, which is a comfort to both him and me.

I am not suggesting that the level of content or requirements are reduced in any way just what is required is clearer and easier to comprehend, unless this is a degree in B------T.

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Posted on: 30/04/2014 11:01am

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