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Tax Relief for R&D Expenditure: Goldmine or Minefield?

If you are a small to medium enterprise (SME), broadly speaking a company with under 500 employees, less than £100M turnover or less than £86M on the balance sheet, then very generous corporation tax offsets are available from HMRC for qualifying research and development investment. It would be a tragedy to leave this money on the table, but equally foolhardy to think that all R&D expenditure qualifies.

The criteria for qualifying research is tight, but essentially this needs to be pioneering research that advances knowledge and technology leading to the creation of intellectual property rights (IPR). IPR’s themselves are a minefield. Yes you can get a patent or registered design for the new widget – sometimes at great cost – but how solid and protectable is it?

HFZ has been there and done this. There are opportunities and traps. If you have a programme that you think will qualify let’s put this under the microscope. HFZ can signpost how you can have a qualifying programme or equally we may save you the heartbreak of finding that it’s just not cutting edge enough or the patents you are seeking are made of glass.  

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Posted on: 29/01/2014 11:45am

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