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What is the Point of Websites when Manual Intervention is Needed?

I recently had to redirect a parcel and was told to visit the company’s website to arrange either a new time or a new delivery point, which I duly did. After 48 hours said parcel still hadn’t arrived. I checked the internet to ascertain where said parcel was and the system was not updated so resorted to the telephone and managed to speak to a human being (surprise) and was told they don’t check the redirection on the internet and just try and redeliver to the original address.

One has to ask what is the point then of their website? But hey I had to use a 0845 phone number so they took even more money out of me. Don’t get me wrong – I am not anti-web. However, this experience got me thinking so I asked around a number of colleagues and sure enough my experience is not isolated – far from it.

The lesson? Adding sophisticated features to web sites is a costly investment – one that should be thought out and one that should definitely work for the customer. I am not sure what the problem was within the delivery company – possibly no more than an internal staff training issue to use the back-end system appropriately.

Have you checked the customer centered features of your web site and do your staff know how they work? If not you may be throwing money down the drain on unnecessary web development and driving away customers too!

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Posted on: 22/04/2014 3:26pm

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