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Growth businesses are open and responsive to feedback and adapt their offering to meet current needs. The best growth businesses know their customers so well they can anticipate their needs and have product in development to address emerging and future trends.

Businesses that lose their way have often forgotten the importance of the customer. In manufacturing particularly, it is easy to become inwardly focused – to define your business by what you make rather than the needs that the customer has. These needs change over time, new problems arise, better materials and technologies displace old ways. Sometimes these changes are rapid – new disruptive technology quickly making the current product outdated.

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Our strategic approach to long-range growth will, at an early stage, pinpoint areas for action that will produce quick pay-back to boost confidence and give the programme momentum.

HFZ are a team of management specialists able to bring a new perspective to issues that affect manufacturing businesses.

We are experienced practitioners bringing a winning attitude that will transform your projects.

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