Team Building Motivation And Rewards

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Good business is not created by inspiration leaders or enlightened entrepreneurs – it is created by motivated, confident and enthusiastic people. One of the key tasks of management is to motivate and create attitudes that are open to learning, improvement and innovation.

As part of the ‘working together’ programme at Rowe Hankins, for example, we successfully introduced a technique known as UPBEAT summarising the attitude that we wanted to engender which is united, progressive, behaviour-aware, empowering, appreciative and trusting.


Business has its challenges. Many of these are external. The businesses that are best placed to rise to the challenges are ones where there is common purpose, mutual respect and a culture that genuinely values and respects people.

HFZ are a team of management specialists able to bring a new perspective to issues that affect manufacturing businesses.

We are experienced practitioners bringing a winning attitude that will transform your projects.

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